Facials(60 minutes each)
$60 European Relaxation (all skin types)
$35 Express Facial (25 minutes)
$60 Purifying Pore Treatment (oily skin)
$60 Flaxx-C Anti-Aging
$85 5 Phase Anti-Aging (75 minutes)
Chemical Peels (30-45 minutes each)
*Peels are most effective when done in a series of five treatments, scheduled two weeks apart
$75 First Peel (take home sample sized product kit)
$50 Each for the next four treatments, when scheduled two weeks apart

Choose From:

Lightening- Reduces discoloration and evens skin tone
Anti-Aging- Targets fine lines and wrinkles
Acne- Clears and refines skin texture
$15 Eyebrow
$8 Lip, Chin, or Cheeks
$32 Full Face
$32 Bikini
$52 Brazilian
$92 Brazilian and Full Leg
$82 Bikini and Full Leg
$65 Full Leg
$48 Half Leg
$42 Full Arm
$28 Half Arm
$20 Under Arm
$15 Neck
$40 Back
$60 Chest and Stomach