Please bring a swimsuit or a change of undergarments for body treatments. When receiving a massage, you will be draped and covered at all times with a clean sheet. You may wear a swimsuit or undergarments during a massage if you choose.

Robes and slippers are provided during your visit.

If exfoliation is included, please do not shave 24 hours prior to service.

Body Care
$64 60 Minutes
$44 30 Minutes
$94 90 Minutes
$5 Add $5 for deep tissue/sports
$19 Executive Massage
$10 Swiss Shower (10 Minutes)
$10 Steam Sauna (10 Minutes)
$15 Swiss Shower/Steam Sauna (20 Minutes)
$16 Aromatherapy Steam Sauna (10 Minutes)
$5 Shower (10 Minute)
Body Treatment
Body Renewer*
$107 120 Minutes
The epitome of relaxation, helping to calm the mind and body. After a gentle exfoliation, stir your senses with an aromatic essential oil mix applied to the entire body. Then, relax while wrapped in a warm cocoon that allows penetration of the oils. A refreshing shower is followed by a full body massage, leaving you hydrated, satiny, smooth skin.
Island Hydrator*
$79 90 Minutes
This service begins with a honey/mango and cocoa butter sea salt scrub, followed by a soothing Swiss shower.
Complete your journey with 30 minute back, neck, and shoulder massage using a mango shea butter. You will leave with a sense of being in a tropical paradise.
Soothing Stone
$79 60 Minutes
Experience a luxurious massage combined with deep heat therapy. The smooth, polished basalt lava stones are heated and incorporated into a massage that leaves you with a sense of inner warmth and contentment.
Ear Coning
$25 25 Minutes
$8 Per extra treatment
An age-old treatment for relief of sinus and allergy pressure, wax buildup, and ear discomfort. Very relaxing. Works great on children or adults with ear and sinus infections. Results may vary.
Salt Glow**
$25 30 Minutes
* Includes free 15 minutes Steam Sauna and Swiss Shower
** Includes free 15 minute Swiss Shower