The Business Woman can Still have Trendy Hair

It’s a dilemma many working women find themselves in. They love the new and trendy styles they’ve been seeing lately, but they work in an office setting, so they are not sure the style is appropriate for that. Well, good news ladies! Many of these styles, when you see them in a magazine, or on your favorite star, are styled for “out and about”, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the same haircut can’t “tamed down” for the office setting.

Now, while we can’t dye your hair pink and show you how to wear it to work so that it looks like a natural color, we can do different cuts and colors and work with you on different ways to style them depending on if you’re going out or going to the office. And unless your boss hired you for your hair alone, we can always find great compromises for cuts so they can be work-appropriate, but with a touch of edge.

Bottom line: Don’t be afraid to take a little bit of a risk! Go for that trendy style you’ve been wanting, but too afraid to get. Our stylists are happy to work with you to help you find that happy medium you’re looking for!

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